Rocklin also features a thriving housing market. If you already call Rocklin home or are considering a move away from Sacramento one thing is for sure you can find a terrific home in this area. Placer Exteriors can help to rejuvenate any home or improve a new construction by adding energy efficient windows, doors, and siding.

Adding energy efficient products to an older home such as windows and doors will significantly improve the way your home is insulated. At Placer Exteriors,our goal is to help customers find the right products for their home and will a fantastic installation. We enjoy helping our customers save money on their cooling and heating bills. That’s why we are so passionate about installing energy efficient products that will drastically reduce the cost of heating and make your home fresh.


Windows account for much of the home. Windows can allow for more natural light into a home. They can also make a room feel spacious. It will add some illusion of a place to look and feel bigger. Older windows don’t meet the standards set out today by the EPA for insulation purposes such as heat gains and losses. Homes fitted with these older windows will experience a definite difference in energy consumption due to the heat gains and losses. That is why it is essential to replace older windows with products that do a better job at insulating your home.

The good news for homeowners is ENERGY STAR approved windows are available in just about any style choice. Our window selection can be composed of wood, aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl. Placer Exteriors offers windows that complement your home’s style and your preference. Our exquisite collection of energy efficient windows is top of the line. Each window is labeled to show the U-factor, SHGC, Air Leakage, and LSG. If you are unsure what these numbers mean we will explain them and how they will keep your energy bill lower.

We are more than happy to discuss all your options for windows including the style, type, and their energy-saving properties. There are energy efficient rebates available to help curb the cost of installing new windows by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, or SMUD. They offer up to $1,000 in rebates for installing ENERGY STAR windows. Check out our Rocklin Rebates page for more information.


Selecting the right entry or patio door doesn’t have to be a challenge. No matter the door style you are looking for it is necessary that the doors provide security, durability, and functionality. Are you having problems with finding the right door for your home? Placer Exteriors can show you many different options for both entry and patio doors. It will not just make you feel secure, but also it is energy efficient. We are here to help make door buying easy and want each of our customers to have the perfect one for their home.

Entry doors need to be secure, they keep intruders out, and are also a line of defense against the elements. When selecting the right entry door, you might have questions about glass inlays, or if a door can provide the right amount of protection and be energy efficient. We can certainly help walk you through the options available to ensure you are pleased with your selection.

Most patio doors are comprised of glass. Because of this feature, you wouldn’t think of them as being energy efficient. Well, several sliding glass doors are thanks to glass options available. Double pane, triple pane, argon filled, and Low-E coatings all make sliding patio doors significantly better at being energy efficient.


Needing to replace your old siding? We also offer energy efficient siding installation. Placer Exteriors can walk you through the process and option to give your home the best insulation. For instance, wrapping your home with a rigid foam board can significantly increase its energy efficiency factors. Give us a call today for information on your next siding project.

Choose Placer Exteriors For Your Next Project

Our selection of products is outstanding. No matter the type of window, door, or siding you are looking for we will have plenty of products to fit your needs, and it’ll be energy efficient. We have informative resources for rebate programs available for home improvements for the Rocklin area as well. For the best products and installation in the Rocklin area for new energy efficient windows, doors and siding choose Placer Exteriors.