Rancho Cordova is a busy city, but there are plenty of homeowners in the area that have reaped the benefits of the beautiful city's evolution. Homes in the area are becoming increasingly more energy-efficiency. From heat loss resistant windows to an updated air-conditioning unit, making even the smallest home improvements will increase the value of your home and increase its energy-efficiency. One of the essential home improvements to help lessen you and your home's carbon footprint is energy-efficient door installation.

There are several benefits of installing energy-efficient doors in your home. The best, of course, is the increase of value in your home – outside and in. These energy-saving doors will dramatically drive down your energy bills, as well as earn your family a tax credit during income tax season. It will help to lower the amount of taxes that you pay, dollar for dollar. This tax credit counts for the installation of energy efficient windows. It covers 30% of the cost, which can add up to $1,500.

Energy-efficient storm doors, which are secondary doors that fit over primary exterior doors, are particularly beneficial. Storm doors help reduce leakage through spaces around existing entries and create insulated airspace, which diminishes heat conduction. Storm doors will protect primary doors as well, which will reduce its maintenance costs. Storm doors allow for natural ventilation. This natural air flow will help save on air conditioning costs.

Look for energy-efficient doors with a low emissivity, or low-E, glass. Double and triple panes are more energy-efficient and more likely to reduce heat loss or heat gain. Choose hinged or swinging doors are more energy-efficient than gliding or sliding doors. While these choices have a higher initial investment, they are well worth it. When you install energy-efficient doors in your home, you will see hundreds of dollars in savings each year – even thousands – on utility costs. While they save your family plenty of energy costs, they can also increase the value of your home.

With Placer Exteriors, energy-efficiency is the name of the game. Not only do these experts provide energy-efficient doors, but also HVAC, attic and wall insulation, solar rebates, and windows. For example, residents of Rancho Cordova can take advantage of both the CEC Home Energy Improvements as well as the PGE for Home Upgrades. These rebates provide an incentive of thousands of dollars for installing energy-efficient windows, doors, and more.

For any questions on how your family can take advantage of these incredible rebates, choose an expert like Placer Exterior – an Energy-Star partner and EPA-certified. Get information about how much you can save, how you can increase the value of your home, and lessen your carbo footprint. Create a better community for Rancho Cordova.