On the west coast, it is essential that air conditioning in your home. Even during the summer in other regions of the country, it can be difficult to live without a properly working air conditioning unit. When it is time to upgrade to a new system, choose an Energy Star-rated unit. Not only does it save you hundreds of dollars each year in cooling costs, but there are also rebate and financing programs for these energy-efficient models.

Your home's windows and doors provide entrance in and out of your home. Not only should they be safe and sturdy, but they should also be energy-efficient. If you are looking to replace the windows in your home, look for those with a Low-E coating and an Energy-Star approved logo.

More than getting in through the front door, there are other sneaky ways in which heat or cool air can escape your home. Keep an eye on the roof: while it takes a lot of direct sunlight and works to protect your home from storms, it must be well-insulated as to keep vital air from escaping. While roofs are an expensive fix, a suitably insulating roof can save you up to $0.30 per square foot in energy costs.

Insulation is more than just a crucial part of your home's roof, but also its attics and walls throughout the year. Attic and wall insulation, while expensive to install, is a crucial part of saving on your home's energy bills – i.e., keeping precious cool or hot air in. Through some rebates, you can save between one and two thousand dollars on new, more energy-efficient insulation for your home.

Energy efficient home improvements are not as significant as new appliances. The Belkin Conserve Energy Saving Power Switch is affordable and draws no energy when it is switched off. LED home improvements do not have to be a major home project. Choose energy-saving LED light bulbs for existing light fixtures, and even LED night lights for you're the bedrooms in your home. LED lighting can potentially save you hundreds of dollars a year, so it is often worth the investment.

Especially when it comes to larger projects that remark an energy efficient home improvement, there are options through most local electricity companies. Those in Sacramento can contact SMUD or the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. The beautiful city of Citrus Heights, located in Sacramento County, is said to be a safe and inviting place to live. Using this incredible energy- and earth-saving home improvements, the city, will remain a favorite gem in Southern California.

Statewide, there is the California Energy Commission's Upgrade California Home Upgrade Program – if what you choose is entirely energy-efficient.

It is not an easy task to take on any major home improvement project, but understand that it is often worth it. Whether you want to improve the look of your home or its energy-efficiency, it is always a good idea to make it a better place to live.