There are two types of sliding windows, horizontal and vertical. Sliding windows are usually made of vinyl or composite. The frame of the window itself can include a solid foam core that helps with insulation and reduces heat gain. When selecting a sliding window, you also have the choice between single hung and double hung. A double hung window allows for maximum ventilation, so on days that it is indeed lovely out, and you want airflow, these will allow for the best incoming breeze.

Something to consider when purchasing a new sliding window is how well it does with its energy rating. There are two values to look at, the R-value and the U-value. The R-value measure a unit's resistance to heat, and this number should be higher. The U-value represents the amount of heat material can transfer and should be a lower number. To do shopping for a new sliding window more relaxed look for an Energy Star logo, this will ensure you are getting an energy efficient unit. No matter which style you desire many feature the Energy Star logo. When replacing your exterior windows with new energy-efficient ones, Placer Exteriors can help. Below are some of the brands that have great options to help make your home more energy efficient.


Looking for a window to elevate the look of your home? Marvin manufacturers many options that are not only stunning but also energy efficient.

Many of their windows feature state of the art design mixed with a classic look. Some models have One-lite Low E2 with argon insulating glass, which dramatically helps with energy saving. Any of their options are perfect for a remodel or new construction project. Some of their Energy Star labeled sliding windows include:

  • Clad Ultimate Glider
  • Wood Ultimate Glider
  • Clad Ultimate Single and Double Hung Next Generation
  • Wood Ultimate Insert SH/DH


Simonton uses Low-E Argon insulated glass in the construction of their sliding windows. They also use in their development of the frame of the window a premium vinyl. This vinyl helps insulate better than steel and wood and is virtually maintenance free. They have an extensive list of Energy Star sliding windows that are perfect for any home, and they include:

  • Reflections 550
  • Prism Platinum
  • Grand Estates Premier
  • Grand Estates Premium Plus
  • Impressions 9800
  • Generations
  • Grandura


Andersen has been awarded by the EPA the Energy Star Partner of the Year-Sustained Excellence Award for 2017. They have won this award three times, the first being in 1999. Andersen has been committed to meeting high standards and being eco-friendly. Their products help to reduce heat transfer. Any of their A-Series windows are labeled with the Energy Star Logo.

  • A-Series Double Hung

Jeld Wen

Windows can be complex, and Jeld Wen has taken the time to ensure their windows are energy efficient.

Whether it is the Low-E, Argon Filled the insulated glass, or insulated vinyl frame, you will be getting a quality window. Their options are cost-effective and can help to save on the overall energy cost of your home. Some of their Energy Star labeled sliding windows are:

  • Premium Vinyl (v-4500) Horizontal Slider
  • Premium Vinyl (V-4500) Double Slider
  • Premium Vinyl (V-4500) Side Load Single Hung


Pella is a big name in the window and door industry. Their products are fantastic and offer some of the states of the art designs you've come to expect especially for new constructions.

Their 350 Series features a triple-paned glass that is up to 83% more effective at energy efficiency over double paned windows. The 350 Series is also customizable and offers three different options based on climate which energy efficient glass you should choose. Their models that have been labeled by the EPA as an Energy Star product are:

  • 350 Series Sliding Window
  • 250 Series Sliding Window with Advanced Low-E