The good news about shaped windows is that they are fixed, meaning they don't open. Because they don't have moveable parts, shaped windows can be an economical solution to gaining more light in any room. Their robust design also means that they generally will be better insulated than windows that open. They can come from wood, vinyl, or fiberglass. The better quality of the glass the better they will do for energy efficiency.

Glass options can include triple pane and glass coatings. Thankfully. Energy Star has made it easy to find high windows that are energy efficient. When shopping for a new geometric shaped window, you have to look for an energy star label for the best energy savings possible.

Many brands incorporate Low-E glass that will reduce heat gain. This feature will also block harmful UV rays. By blocking UV rays your carpet and furniture will not become faded, which is a great feature for many who do not want their homes to have sun wear spots. Placer Exteriors can install any geometrically shaped window you select. We strive to establish energy efficient windows that are not only gorgeous and accent your home but also save you cash on your energy bill. Below are brands that produce energy efficient models that will suit just about any style home.


Marvin's specialty windows come in just about every shape you can think of at this time. Their specialty windows do offer something unique because some of their options aren't fixed like standard shape windows. Their lines of specialty shapes feature some impressive numbers when it comes to energy efficiency.

The U-value on their line is .28 for clad and .26 for wood products. If you are searching for a combination of style, modern, and customizable options, Marvin is an excellent choice. Their energy efficient shaped window lines include:

  • Wood Direct Glaze Polygon
  • Wood Direct Glaze Round
  • Clad Direct Glazed Round
  • Clad Direct Glazed Polygon
  • Integrity Direct Glaze Polygon


Simonton has many different collections that feature shaped windows. They offer excellent options that fit just about anyone's home and anyone's budget.

As an Energy Star partner, they are committed to providing top of the line energy efficient models. Their line of shaped windows that meet or exceed the Energy Star standards are:

  • Reflections 5500
  • Prism Platinum
  • Grand Estates Premier
  • Grand Estates Premium Plus
  • Generations
  • Grandura
  • Impressions 9800


Andersen is a proud partner of Energy Star. After being named Energy Star Partner of the Year 2017, they strive to exceed the standards set by the EPA for energy efficient windows. Their shaped windows are just as impressive as their commitment to energy savings. Andersen uses a combination of polyurethane foam core vinyl and Low-E insulated glass to achieve surprising results. Their product lines for energy efficient shaped windows include:

  • A Series Picture

Jeld Wen

Jeld Wen uses many materials in their design lines for shaped windows. They have options for wood and vinyl. Their premium vinyl series boasts the Energy Star label and insulates homes very well. Jeld Wen does have some wood options available as well that feature the Auralast. Auralast prevents the wood from rotting. They offer three different glass options that are customizable based on your needs. They can include Low-E, Low-E 366, and Low-EC.

  • Premium Vinyl (V-4500 Series)
  • Custom Wood Fixed
  • Premium Atlantic Wood Fixed
  • Sideline Wood Fixed