Double hung windows feature two windows that can raise and lower. However, their most ideal feature is that they can tilt in. Homeowners adore the tilt function for the ease with which to clean them. In today's market, many double hung windows are energy efficient. Thanks to their construction of materials of both the frame and the glass. Homeowners can have the best of both worlds, ease of use and energy saving. So what should you look for in an energy saving window unit?

An energy efficient double hung window will commonly bare the Energy Star label. The EPA, environmental protection agency, has made strict standards as to what qualifies to receive the Energy Star. They consider two values, the U-Value, and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. Typically an energy efficient window will need Low-E glass or gas-filled glass. Low-E or low emissivity is a coating on the glass that helps reduce UV rays from entering the home. It can also control radiant heat. Low-E glass is what helps to keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer. Double hung windows will even have a durable, insulated material for the frame and a feature more than a single pane of glass.

Placer Exteriors has a variety of double hung windows to choose from that are exceptionally beautiful and energy saving. Some of the brands that have double hung windows with the Energy Star labeled or have energy efficient features can include:


As one of the top manufacturers of energy saving windows and doors, Marvin has a large selection to choose from for styles. Many of their products are customizable which helps customers get precisely what they are looking for in a double hung window product. Some of the customizable features include the glass type whether it is gas filled or not and if desired triple pane glass. Some of their Energy Star products include:

  • Clad Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation
  • Wood Ultimate Insert DH
  • Clad Simulated Double Hung Hopper
  • Wood Ultimate Double Hung Round Top


Simonton has a great selection of stylish and modern windows that are great for new constructions. Many double hung windows are also affordable. It is a particular advantage when you are doing a whole house and need all new windows. Their selection for energy saving can include:

  • Reflections 550
  • Prism Platinum
  • Grand Estates Premier
  • Grand Estates Premium Plus
  • Impressions 9800
  • Generations
  • Grandura


As an Energy Star partner of the year 2017, Andersen has built their company on being eco-friendly and energy efficient in mind. Their A-Series for windows and doors has some of the strictest guidelines that meet or beat the standards set forth by the EPA's Energy Star Program.

  • A-Series Double Hung

Jeld Wen

Jeld Wen uses state of the art technology when designing their windows and doors. The double hung window selection is no exception. They offer many of the similar options that others do such as the Low-E glass or argon gas filled. Their vinyl frame is insulated with a polyurethane foam core that allows for better insulation in the home. Their series that has been Energy Star approved is:

  • Premium Vinyl (V-4500) Double Hung


Milgard offers some of the most sophisticated and attractive windows on the market. They not only focus on esthetics but also that their product is energy saving. Many of their series can be modified to include more energy efficient materials. Their energy efficient models include:

  • Tuscany Series
  • Montecito Series