Bay windows consist of 1 fixed center window and two windows that are either set or vented on each side. They are typically more angled. A bow window will have 4 or 5 windows and are more curved than bay windows. Bay and Bow windows are commonly seen with a signature picture frame window on top.

One of the reasons to choose a Bow window over a Bay window is if you want to wrap around a corner of your house. You'll notice that many of the options for bay and bow windows are wood options. It is the best material for energy saving. It is one unique feature that bow windows allow for, and typically will allow for more natural light to enter the room.

Placer Exteriors can help enhance your home project with the addition of these charming window types while using an energy efficient model. An energy efficient bay or bow window can help to reduce your energy cost while bringing more natural light into any room.

When shopping for new windows, it is essential to check out their energy efficiency rating. It is typically done by looking for an Energy Star label. If Energy Star approves the windows, they will give you an indication of what the U-value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, or SHGC, will be. Other windows on the market don't have the Energy Star label but are energy efficient, and it is good to check with the manufacturer on how well they compare to the standards set forth by the EPA. The following manufacturers are known for their fantastic selection of gorgeous bay and bow windows and have energy efficient models available. They include:


As one of the premier companies that manufacture windows, Andersen delivers when it comes to style. They are an Energy Star partner, and energy efficiency is one crucial feature they focus on. Their A-Series windows are treated with Low-E insulated glass and can be argon filled with better insulation. Andersen offers seven different glass options on their customizable windows, which is fantastic for any region. Their energy efficient models include:

  • A-Series
  • 400-Series Bay and Bow Windows


For an affordable option in bay and bow windows, Marvin has a large selection. There bay and bow windows are made of wood. Marvin uses glass that is insulated to better help with energy efficiency. Their energy efficient models or series includes:

  • Infinity Series
  • Integrity Series
  • Clad Ultimate Bay and Bow
  • Wood Ultimate Double Hung Bay and Bow
  • Wood Ultimate Casement Collection


Simonton has a fantastic selection of bay and bow windows to match any style of home. They have a variety that ranges from classic to modern. You don't have to sacrifice style to be energy efficient either. They have several models and collections that are Energy Star approved or are energy efficient including:

  • Reflections 5500
  • Prism Platinum
  • Grand Estates Premier
  • Grand Estates Premium Plus
  • Impressions 9800
  • Generations
  • Grandura

Jeld Wen

As a recognized leader in being energy efficient, Jeld Wen offers stylish bay and bow windows that can accommodate anyone's budget. They are a partner of Energy Star and are committed to providing excellent solutions for reducing energy cost. They utilize Low-E insulated glass with argon to minimize heat gain. Their energy efficient bay windows that are Energy Star approved are:

  • W-4500 Bay Window


Milgard features some unique options for bay and bow windows. Traditional to modern, there is a collection for anyone. They use a variety of materials during construction including wood, fiberglass, and vinyl in their window frame construction. The fiberglass and vinyl feature a polyurethane foam core to better assist with insulation. The glass is also insulated to reduce heat gain. Their collections for energy efficient bay and bow windows include:

  • Essence Series
  • Tuscany Series
  • StyleLine Series