Siding is measured with an R-value. The R-Value number is good if the number is high. The higher the number the more efficient of material that has been used. Most vinyl sidings have an R-value of .61. However, insulated vinyl siding has an R-factor of 3.0-4.0. It is clear that using an insulated back vinyl siding is the best choice for being energy efficient.

Placer Exteriors can install insulated backed vinyl siding to any home, and the energy savings will virtually pay for itself. By using an insulated vinyl siding, you can reduce your energy cost by 7 percent annually.

When you start to compare the different types of siding for your home, you will find that there are only a few options that are best for energy saving. When purchasing, make sure to look at the R-value. Vinyl siding is one of the simplest to install of all the options and can be one of the cheapest as well.

The Installation Process

After you have selected the type of vinyl siding you would like to use; you'll be ready for Placer Exteriors to install. The installation process needs to be precise. Vinyl siding typically will need to be cut down for installation to make sure it is the appropriate length. Measuring is an essential aspect of the installation process.

Once Placer Exteriors has measured and cut the corner post, they will be able to nail the corner post in. The trim and starter piece will then need to be attached. After this, the first section of vinyl siding can be connected to the starter piece. It all about lining up the siding evenly and level. When overlapping the pieces of vinyl the closer, they are to the home the more seamless it will look.

Once the installation is done, there is not much maintenance that needs to be performed on your new vinyl siding. It is a good idea to clean it once a year and to replace and broken pieces. Replacing broken parts in a timely fashion will help to maintain the energy-saving benefits.

If you find that you have broken pieces, Placer Exteriors can quickly replace any broken siding pieces and make it seem brand new again.