Insulated vinyl siding is one of the best ways to ensure your home is maximizing its potential. It has been shown that insulated vinyl siding does provide some benefits of thermal performance which can better cover a home as opposed to regular siding without a backing material. The difference between ordinary siding and vinyl siding is the material that is affixed to the back of the siding. The backing creates a moisture barrier as well insulation of the wall. If you are looking to make your home more energy efficient with the addition of insulated vinyl siding, Placer Exteriors can help.

Installation Process of Insulated Vinyl Siding by Placer Exteriors

Placer Exteriors is Placer County's source for professional insulated vinyl siding. Getting your home more energy efficient is what we do, and strive to help our customers save money on their energy bill with the use of energy-efficient products.

The process of installation all starts with the selection of siding. It is best to choose one that has higher R values for the best energy-saving results. When the installation begins, waterproofing will be the first action. It will ensure that moisture won't be retained and cause problems later on down the road.

Next, all siding material will be cut down to the specific size to meet your home's needs. A chalk line will be used to make sure that the siding will be completely level. Then it is time to start affixing the siding panels. The first piece to be applied is a starter strip. It is where it will all begin to take shape, and the siding pieces can start to be nailed in place. We will position the siding so that it creates the best fit. After all the siding has been applied, trim can be done. It includes the trim for both windows and doors. Trim will give your siding the finished looked. Vinyl insulated siding after installation is pretty much maintenance free. It is a good idea to clean if it gets dirty, but there isn't much more to do. If you are in need of repair to your vinyl siding, Placer Exteriors can also help with this.