The Look

Many homeowners love the way that natural wood looks. Because of this, cedar shingles an excellent option. The color of the shingles is vibrant and can range from a light color to an almost reddish pink collar. They provide a tailored appearance because they are sown on each side. The siding comes in many sizes, and you can choose one that will give a look that you desire. This material may cost a little more than other options up-front, but it will provide your home with a natural look that will leave your neighbors envious.


Cedar wood is the most robust wood that can be found on earth. It means that it is going to last a long time. In fact, the material itself can strengthen the overall structure of your home. The wood typically weighs around 4 pounds a square foot, producing a strength gain for the house. Cedar siding must be maintained if you want it to last if it can. The siding is said to last if 50 years, if not longer when properly maintained.

Energy Efficiency

Cedar wood provides a natural insulator for your home. The wood naturally insulates the house and keeps the energy on the inside. It means that the home can remain cooler during the summer, even on the hottest days and can bring in as much as twenty percent energy savings, if not more. In the winter, the wood assists in naturally warming the home. The shingles are heavy, which causes them to be a second layer of insulation for the house. It means that the material is sufficient in cold weather. Homes typically lose heat, causing the heater to work more, and costing money. By having cedar shingles, you can save a lot of money by keeping the temperature inside the home.

The Material is Eco-Friendly

Cedar shingles are even environmentally friendly during the production stages. It means that the carbon footprint being left behind is minimized from the very beginning of the process. The manufacturing of cedar wood also doesn't take as many resources. Steel and concrete utilize 12 and 20 percent more energy during the construction stages, emit 15 to 29 percent more gases and put 10 to 12 percent more pollutants into our air. Steel and concrete construction also generates anywhere from 300 to 225 percent more contaminants in the water. Cedar shingle siding is not only renewable and biodegradable, but it also minimizes pollution.


Installation of cedar siding is not a complicated process. The initial thing that must happen would be that the house is wrapped with a waterproof membrane. Drip edge flashing should also be installed on the tops of any door and window openings. Next, you want to install the jambs for the doors and windows so that the doors can be trimmed properly.

Once this is completed, you want to define the bottom line for the shingles. On many homes, the line is going to coincide with the wall sheathing. However, there are times that the concrete will overlap if the house has a concrete foundation.

Start by nailing only one of the shingles so that it is on the line. After this, the rest will be installed in a row. This row is going to go around the entire home. Then the shingles are going to be attached to the roofing nails. Next, marks are going to be made based on how much shingle should be left exposed. Then the next row of shingles will be placed, staggered, so that it completes the look and remains efficient. It will continue until complete, and then the trim work will be done.