Prefinished Bevel Cedar also offers the most efficiency from the beginning. It can help protect you from the elements. Beveled siding is typically installed horizontally. Each board usually has a shadow underneath that enhances the beauty of the outside of the home. There are multiple options to choose from. Here are some of the principal benefits of choosing Beveled Cedar Siding, and a brief description of how it's installed.


When beveled siding is produced, it is sawed at an angle. It provides two pieces. Each piece is thicker on one of the edges. One face saw texture with the other look being either smooth or sawed is the result of the manufacturing saw process. Bevel siding is horizontally installed providing a shadow line that varies based on the thickness of the wood and adds to the attractiveness of the property.


Beveled cedar comes in many shades. You can get it in a clear category or a knotty grade. The clear siding provides optimal quality in the appearance. It is ideal if you are trying to increase market value. The knotty option gives warmth has an almost casual charm to it. It is perfect for homes, club-houses, cottages, and any application where you need a rustic appearance.

What it does for your Home?

There are a few things that the siding will do for your home. The first is that it protects against the elements. Prefinished cedar siding is more water resistant and will withstand rain, thus increasing the lifespan of the wood. The installation process for Cedar Siding is relatively simple and doesn't take a long time. If you decide to do the installation on your own, however, you want to make sure you have the skills needed to install the siding safely and efficiently.

The siding is extremely energy efficient. It can trap fresh air in the summer and warm air in the winter. In the long run, this type of siding can save you a good deal of money. It also provides a homey look and feel and can increase the market value of your home. Cedar siding is energy efficient and looks right in your home. This type of siding is also extremely versatile and works with virtually any style of home. You may find that the way your house is built makes placing siding on certain parts more difficult than others. Cedar siding typically works the same no matter where it is located. However, you want to ensure that you know what this will cost. Finally, Beveled Cedar Siding is exceptionally durable. This type of siding has the strength to withstand any of the elements. It can last a very long time.


When having siding installed, it is best to let professionals do it if you have never done siding before. However, here is a basic rundown of the process, so you know what to expect. The first thing you are going to do is decide on how you want it spaced. Keep in mind that the minimum overlap shouldn't be las than an inch. The wider the siding you purchase, the more significant overlap you can have. A furring strip is going to be used to support the lower edge as you begin with the bottom course. Then, you are going to work your way up as it is installed. There is more to the process, but that is the gist of how it is connected. Once it is finished, you have quality, high end, durable siding on your home.