However, you aren't limited to just these two locations, the use of a storm door is excellent for any exterior door that one desires to get added protection.

There are no current Energy Star approved storm doors on the market, but that doesn't mean they aren't energy efficient. Many of the manufacturers incorporate the same high technology used in their exterior doors into their storm doors. The most significant upside to having a storm door installed is the ability to open your main door and allow fresh air to cool your home. It is a perfect for spring and fall weather.

Material Types

Storm doors are constructed from several different types of materials. They can range from aluminum to fiberglass to steel. Many storm doors feature glass as the main component. It could be a full-length glass, ¾ glass, or half glass option. Often you will see a storm door that has screens built in that will allow ventilation and protection for insects and pests. One of the main ideas homeowners choose to incorporate storm doors is the protection they provide to your exterior doors. It is a good investment to have one, primarily if you purchased a high-quality energy saving exterior door. Placer Exteriors can be installed as a storm door and at the same time as an outer door for optimal benefits. Following are some of the top brands that homeowners choose from exceptional quality, energy efficient storm doors.


Andersen produces some top of the line storm doors. Their lines maximize energy efficiency with dual pane glass and Low-E coatings. Their sleek modern designs fit most style homes. Andersen has a wide array of hardware to complement their storm doors as well. Andersen has the most extensive selection of any of the brands on this list. They are readily available and come in many different color options. Most of their products are made from aluminum which stands up great against the weather. As an Energy Star Partner, Andersen is one of the best companies to choose door and window products. Their energy efficient storm door options include:

  • 2500 Series Vinyl Storm Door
  • 4000 Series Full View Storm Door
  • 10 Series


Energy Star Certified, Pella has a great selection of screen and storm doors available. They offer different styles from full-length glass, to a half glass. They utilize state of the art technology with their glass options to maximize its energy efficiency. Many of their storm doors are customizable and have over 12 different color options. Their storm doors for energy saving benefits include:

  • Pella Select Storm Doors
  • Rolscreen Storm Doors
  • Pella Fullview Storm Doors
  • Pella Standard Screen Storm Doors


Masonite is one of the top companies in their selection of storm doors. They have a mix of affordable and stylish. One unique line they feature is the Storm Guard storm door line. This particular product line is full of customizations and glass options. These doors are the max protection against the elements and provide many energy saving benefits.

Storm Guard Storm Doors

Jeld Wen

Jeld Wen is a leader when it comes to energy efficient doors and windows. They are a Partner of Energy Star and produce high-end products. They currently don't have any options for storm door options. However, they do have some huge exterior doors that provide a great about of protection from the weather and are energy saving.