Sliding glass doors are usually made up of two double or triple paned solid framed glass. They are situated on a track and are very easy to operate.

When considering an option for a sliding glass door, it is essential to check the manufacturer's specifications in regards to its energy efficiency. There should be a label on it marked Energy Star. They will also state either or both the R-Value or a U-Factor. These numbers will alert you to how well they do for energy saving. The R-Value should be a higher number. It is the resistance value. The U-Factor is the opposite and should be a relatively low number. The smaller, the better. The U-Factor represents the rate of heat transfer. Generally speaking, you should look for U-Factors that are between .25 and 1.25 BTU.

The most important aspect when buying a sliding glass door is that the glass panes are coated with a Low-E covering. It will lower the amount of heat that comes in from sunlight during the summer time and keep heat in during winter months.

Sliding Glass doors are great for back patio areas. They will make a room connect with the exterior giving the feeling of indoor/outdoor blending. Placer Exteriors can help to install any sliding glass door of your choosing. Sliding doors are a great alternative to traditional doors, but installation can be more difficult than just a replacement because they are more significant than only single sized doors. There are some brands to consider that produce some of the best energy efficient models on the market.


Andersen is known for their energy efficient windows and glass. They have been named the Energy Star Partner of the Year when it comes to windows. It is because of their design, protective coating and glass construction. Andersen's products range in price but are a little more expensive than other brands. Andersen refers to their selection of sliding glass doors as sliding patio doors. Their models for energy efficient sliding glass doors include:

  • A-Series Gliding Patio Doors
  • E-Series Gliding Patio Doors
  • E-Series French Gliding Patio Doors
  • 200 Series Narroline Gliding Patio Doors

Therma Tru

Therma Tru is one of the leaders in energy efficient solutions for doors and windows for the home. They have a multitude of selections to choose from today. Most of their collections are energy efficient, and it makes shopping for this brand much easy. Their styling are comparable with most on the market and are relatively cost-effective. Their sliding glass doors are made of glass and vinyl for their frame. The vinyl is insulated making is perfect as an energy efficient option. Their glass is coated with a Low-E coating that helps reduce the loss of heat in the winter time and retain fresh air in the summer. There best energy efficient model is:

  • Slim-Line Sliding Patio Door


Pella has been an Energy Star Partner of the Year 3 times and produces some fantastic options for windows and doors. They have one line, in particular, that is energy efficient and stunning. Their Pella 350 Series Patio doors have advanced Low-E triple-pane glass. There is also an optional foam insulation that you can add to their product to make energy performance even better.

Jeld Wen

Jeld Wen has many options for sliding glass doors. Many of their choices are energy efficient. One of the best features of purchasing products from Jeld Wen is affordability. Their selection of Energy Star products is excellent, and with the lower price tag, it is a winning combination. Sliding doors offered through Jeld Wen can use wood, vinyl, and even aluminum. However, the aluminum options aren't labeled with the Energy Star. So it is wise to check before choosing this option.Their Energy Star labeled sliding glass door models include:

  • Builder's Wood Sliding Patio Doors
  • Premium Atlantic Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors
  • Builders Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors
  • W-4500 Clad Wood Sliding Patio Doors


If you are looking for a variety of color and styles, Masonite has quite a selection. Their energy efficient sliding glass door is readily available at most home improvement stores. They come in many sizes and use fiberglass, steel and masonite construction. They're insulated with a polyurethane core and utilize an energy efficient Low-E tempered glass coating.

  • Prehung 15 Lite Patio Sliding Doors
  • Nighttide Fiberglass Prehung
  • 10 Lite Patio Sliding Doors


Milgard Windows and patio doors meet or exceed standards set forth by the EPA for energy saving. Depending on the product you choose, their glass will feature either SunCoat or SunCoatMAX Low-E coatings, EdgeGardMAX spacers, Argon or Krypton gas-filled, or Triple Glaze. Many of their sliding glass doors are made of vinyl which can be insulated to make them, even more, energy efficient.

Tuscany Series Vinyl Sliding Glass Patio Doors is their energy efficient series that has many options as far as appearance.