However, there are other options available for patio doors including swinging or french doors, or folding doors. What function you want your entries to have will more or less dictate which style is appropriate for your home.

Patio doors, generally will make the outside and inside blend. It gives your interior space a more substantial feel. A great feature for many of the options for patio doors is the amount of natural light they allow into your home. French and sliding doors allow for maximum amount of sunlight. One of the important aspects they need to have is insulated and coated glass.

It will make sure to block harmful rays and give you the best energy-saving results. Some of the most exciting patio doors are folding patio doors. They are unique and allow for maximum amount of ventilation. If you are looking for something that is not exactly what your neighbour has these are great options.

The easiest way to shop for an energy saving patio door is to look for the Energy Star label. If you are considering adding a new patio door that is an energy saver, Placer Exteriors can help. Below is the listing of some of the major brands on the market. They have many great products available that will save you significant time on your energy bill.


Andersen is an Energy Star Partner that is committed to saving their customers money but having energy efficient models available. They offer a variety of traditional, modern, and classic to satisfy almost anyone's needs. You can customize your patio door options with different hardware choices as well as color. Andersen offers seven different glass options to help with energy efficiency. Their Energy Star labeled patio door options can include:

  • 400 Series Frenchwood Patio Door Sidelight
  • A-Series Frenchwood PAtio Door Sidelight
  • 100 Series/Series 2 Gliding Patio Door Sidelight
  • Complementary Clad Patio Door Sidelight
  • Residential Wood Entry Door Sidelight- Inswing/Outswing


Pella is one of the most expensive door brands on this list. However, they also have the most extensive list of Energy Star Products available. They use high-quality wood in many of their designs, which are distinguished and sleek looking. Pella offers customization to all of their patio door options. It will even include glass selection. They have four different coatings that insulate homes better and is selectable based on region. Their Energy Star approved patio door options include:

  • Designer Clad Wood Sliding Glass Door
  • Architect Series Traditional Sliding Door
  • Architect Series Contemporary Sliding Door
  • Architect Series Clad Outswing Door
  • Impervia Fixed Door
  • Architect Series Wood Inswing French Door

Jeld Wen

Jeld Wen is one of the top brands for patio doors. Their styles and variety are second to none. They are an Energy Star partner and strive to continue delivering the best quality products on the market. Their patio door options range in prices, with many being a little more costly, but the energy savings gained by having a Jeld Wen door installed is well worth it. They have two different glass options for Low-E coatings that can reduce heat gain and block harmful rays. Their Energy Star approved patio door products can include:

  • Custom Clad HGD Inswing Patio Door
  • Custom Wood HGD Out-Swing
  • Custom Aurora Fiberglass Sidelite
  • Steel Sidelite
  • W-4500 Series
  • Clad Direct Set Sidelite


Masonite continues to meet the standards set by the Energy Star Program. Their products are classic and traditional. They also have modern patio doors that are perfect for just about any residence. They have a few selections for energy efficient patio doors that are constructed with either wood or fiberglass. Masonite's Energy Star approved patio doors include:

  • Masonite Wood Edge Steel Sidelite
  • Masonite Fiberglass Skin Sidelite
  • Masonite Wood Edge Steel Door
  • Masonite Fiberglass Skin Sidelite


Milgard has a great selection of patio doors. Many of their options surround the sliding glass variety. They are constructed of vinyl which is also easier to maintain. Their SunCoat 2 Low-e coating comes standard on their Tuscany series as well as a few others. While most of their products are sliding glass doors, they do have a few options for french doors that are stunning. Milgard's Energy Star approved patio door options include:

  • 8621 Sliding Glass Door
  • 3626 Sliding Glass Door
  • 3642/3662 Inswing Patio Door
  • 3645/3665 Outswing Patio Door

Therma Tru

Therma Tru offers sleek and modern as well as traditional patio door designs. They have a few different collections that allow for customizing your door with energy efficient upgrades. They do have some Energy Star labeled products, and they can include:

  • Shaker Entry Door
  • Profiles Collection
  • Traditions Collection