If you have an older glass door, the weather-stripping has probably started to break down. Once this happens, much air will be lost in the gaps, and its insulation will be close to non-existent. Placer Exteriors can help replace these worn outdoors with new energy efficient models that will not only save you money on your energy bill but also enhance the appearance of your home.

A new glass door has a few different styling options available. Front glass entry doors can look modern and sleek with full glass panes and updated hardware, or wooden doors that have multiple panes divided by wood frames. The most common place to find glass doors is the patio entry. Glass doors are fantastic for light, but do have a few downsides, such as being less secure and loss of privacy. However, despite these disadvantages, they add character and charm.

Glass doors can be a single hinged, double hinged, or even a sliding glass door. No matter the option you choose, it will significantly improve the appearance of your home. Before you get to shopping, you should consider alternatives that are energy efficient. ENERGY STAR has made the process of selecting a new glass door simple. The ENERGY STAR program labels each product with how well it performs using two key numbers. The SHGC and the U-factor are typically listed on the label.

The U-factor is how well the product insulates and the rate of heat transfer. This SHGC or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is the amount of heat that is transferred. The lower the number for each the better a glass door is for energy efficiency. Each manufacturer is different on how they produce energy efficient glass doors. Some use insulated frames, and others use Low-E coatings or argon filled double or triple pane glass, and some use a combination. Listed here are some of the top manufacturers and some of their options for energy efficient glass doors.


As an Energy Star partner, Andersen is dedicated to delivering some of the best energy efficient models of windows and doors. Andersen is known for their windows and glass. They use a combination of Low-E coatings, and argon filled glass to deliver the best insulation a glass door can have. In some models, such as the A-series line, they use wood that is protected by fiberglass to ensure durability and energy efficiency. Anderson's doors are customizable to meet any criteria you might have. Their models of energy efficient glass doors are:

  • A-Series Gliding Patio Doors
  • E-Series Gliding Patio Doors
  • E-Series French Gliding Patio Doors

Therma Tru

Therma Tru offers an outstanding 80% of their products as energy efficient. Therma Tru is an Energy Star partner and exceeds many of the requirements for their windows and doors to qualify for the Energy Star label. Their glass door options are stunning.They have traditional stylings as well as modern, sleek doors that will complement any home. Their Energy Star approved glass door options are:

  • Slim-Line Sliding Patio Door
  • Classic-Craft Series


Pella has been an Energy Star Partner of the Year 3 times. They have a wide variety of glass patio door options that include French doors, sliding patio doors, and multi-slide patio doors. In many of their collections, Pella uses Low-E triple-pane glass to achieve maximum energy saving benefits.

Like Andersen, Pella allows for customization. To better help with insulation, you can choose to have an optional foam insulation added to many of their doors. Their Energy Star products include:

  • Pella 350 Series

Jeld Wen

Jeld Wen has many patio entry glass doors available. The great news about buying through Jeld Wen is they offer affordability. They have numerous options for glass doors that have up seven panels or more. So whether you are looking for a full panel glass door or something more elaborate, Jeld Wen probably has the product you are looking for. They use high-quality materials and Low-E insulated glass to achieve fantastic energy efficient qualities. There Energy Star Approved product lines for glass doors include:

  • Smooth Pro-Fiberglass Glass Entry Door
  • Steel Glass Panel Exterior Door
  • Builder's Wood Sliding Patio Doors
  • Premium Atlantic Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors
  • Builders Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors
  • W-4500 Clad Wood Sliding Patio Doors


Masonite has a large selection of glass doors that offer a wide range of color and style selection. Masonites options for glass doors come in many sizes and use fiberglass, steel and masonite construction. They're insulated with a polyurethane core and utilize an energy efficient Low-E tempered glass coating. Their energy efficient models include:

  • Prehung 15 Lite Patio Sliding Doors
  • Nighttide Fiberglass Prehung
  • 10 Lite Patio Sliding Doors


Milgard enhances their glass door options with a selectable feature of glass. They have several different styles of glass doors to choose from that can include bi-folding and sliding, and glass inserts entries. Their glass can have SunCoat and SunCoatMax Low-E coatings, Argon or Krypton gas-filled glass, or triple glaze to better assist with blocking UV rays and helping to reduce heat gain. Milgard offers many of their glass door option to be constructed with vinyl that is insulated with polyurethane foam core. When energy efficient glass meets a frame that is protected the energy efficiency is comparable to most doors on the market. Milgard's amazing stylish series that features energy efficient models include:

  • Tuscany Series
  • Montecito Series