French Doors can offer similar benefits. However, they aren't as efficient as sliding glass doors regarding there sealant. It is mainly because French Doors have gaps between the doors and floor and a difference in the center of the door where they meet. But one way they can help lowering costs on the energy bills is that they can allow for maximum airflow into the home. Many manufacturers have produced energy efficient options for French Doors when it comes to their materials. It can include the use of vinyl that is insulated and glass that is coated with Low-E glaze.

The reason French Doors are such a popular option for homeowners is the style and classic beauty they give to any home. They are necessarily two doors that are on hinges, like traditional doors and swing open. French doors can come as necessary as you'd like or a little more ornate. Whichever style you choose it is a good idea to make sure before purchasing that they have an excellent weather-stripping system in place. The weather-stripping of French Doors can dramatically help reduce energy costs. Placer Exteriors can install new French Doors for your home or further development. There are some brands that you should consider if you are in the market to change your patio door. These following manufacturers create beautiful doors that will accent any home.


Andersen is one of the most energy-efficient companies on the market. They are also committed to delivering high-quality products that are eco-friendly. Since they are focused on energy efficiency almost every product they produce provides a degree of energy saving benefits. While Andersen is mostly known for their windows, most of their options for French Doors are energy efficient. Many of their models are made of wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. Some of their energy saving models for French Doors/ Hinged Patio Doors include:

  • Series 400 French wood Hinged Patio Doors
  • A-Series Hinged Patio Doors

Therma Tru

As the nation's leader in fiberglass doors, Therma Tru is dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship with the added benefit of energy efficient models. Many of their models come with a limited lifetime warranty, which is a great cost saving feature if you ever need to have a product replaced. Therma Tru has a Classic-Craft Oak Collection that is energy efficient. It is a stylish and sleek option for French Doors and has energy efficient glass inserts.


Pella has some of the most beautiful French Doors available. They are stylish and have the bonus of being energy efficient. Many of their models feature Low-E glass and are constructed from beautiful wood. Their models are slightly higher in price, but the quality and energy savings more than make up for it. Some notable models to help save on energy costs include:

  • Pella 450 Series
  • Designer Series 750
  • Architect Series 850

Jeld Wen

Jeld Wen offers some of the best energy efficient French Doors on the market today. Their French Doors construction is superb and is very sturdy. The price tag is somewhat higher, but this is because there are no corners cut on their products. One way they improve their outcomes being energy efficient is the glass. They use Low-E EC glass which has an extra coating. This additional coating promotes thermal performance. Some models that are would be a fantastic choice to upgrading your old patio doors are:

  • Jeld Wen W-4500
  • Jeld Wen W-2500


Masonite offers some terrific deals on energy efficient French Doors. If you are looking to improve the look of your home, and are on a budget, they have a few offerings that can do the trick. Their French Doors are typically constructed from insulated polyurethane core fiberglass door frame and have a Low-E coating on the glass. Placer Exteriors can install any of their energy efficient options quickly. A few cost-effective, energy efficient models include:

  • 15 Lite
  • 10 Lite Inswing French Door
  • Willow Wood 10 Lite


Milgard offers customers a variety of customizable options when it comes to their products. It is what makes them one of the best companies to get energy efficient French Doors. They don't have a bunch of models to choose from, but because you can customize almost every feature of their Tuscany Series, it makes up for it. The Tuscany Series is made of vinyl and features the Low-E glass. The best part is the Tuscany Series comes with a Lifetime Warranty and glass breakage coverage.