The Sacramento Municipal Utility District, or SMUD, has a wide array of rebates available to homeowners and is one of the best resources for saving money on energy efficient upgrades. Depending on which utility district you live in other companies or organizations also offer rebates for using energy efficient, ENERGY STAR products. Below are energy efficient household upgrades that are frequently made, and amazing programs homeowners should take advantage of.

Air Conditioning

The cooling system is one of the best upgrades a homeowner can make. Air conditioning that isn't energy efficient is one of the highest contributors to a ginormous electric bill, especially in the summer months. Replacing an older air conditioner unit with an ENERGY STAR approved one will significantly lower energy costs.

There are several programs that can help to reduce the overall cost of replacing this larger home improvement expense. To help homeowners save money on this expense, SMUD offers up to $650 in rebates for an air conditioning unit replacement. The amount rebated depends on how energy efficient the AC unit is. So when shopping for a new AC make sure to compare the ENERGY STAR labels for the energy efficiency rating. SMUD also offers a $25.00 rebate on room air conditioners. The unit must be an ENERGY STAR appliance and it must be a 4.0 certified model only.

PG&E has a Smart AC program that is free to their customers. If you sign up for the Smart AC program you'll receive a $50 rebate just for participating. The Smart AC device is connected to your home's air conditioning unit. In the event, there is an energy shortage the device will regulate the air conditioner accordingly. During an energy shortage if you would like to adjust your air conditioner you can do so.

SMUD Rebate for Room Air Conditioner

SMUD AC Rebate

PG&E Smart AC Rebate

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps

If your home is not outfitted with ductwork for central heating and cooling there are still ways to save money by upgrading your heating system. Ductless mini split heat pumps are a fantastic way to regulate your homes heating and cooling in the rooms that are most used. SMUD offers up to $800 in rebates for the installation of an ENERGY STAR ductless mini-split. The unit must meet certain standards as well, including a minimum SEER of 15.0

SMUD's Appliance Rebate Program


Replacing older windows will breathe new life into any home. They will not only look more appealing but also be better at insulating and reducing heat gains. There is one rebate available through SMUD that will save you up to a $1000 on new windows. SMUD will rebate $75.00 for every 25 square foot of upgraded window area. Windows that are used in the home upgrade must be an ENERGY STAR product and have certain U-factor and SHGC values. The U-factor must be less than 0.30, and the SHGC must be less than 0.25. This rebate is part of the Home Performance Program. In order to qualify, you must also upgrade your homes attic insulation, duct seal, and air seal.

SMUD Window Replacement Rebate

Wall and Attic Insulation

Also available through SMUD’s Home Performance Program are rebates for wall and attic insulations. Replacing or installing new wall and/or attic insulation will greatly reduce energy costs. Insulation works by reducing air leakage, which is where a good amount of heating and cooling is lost. Through the SMUD program attic insulation can be rebated $100 per 100 sq ft. up to $2000 max, and wall insulation will be rebated $50 for every 100 sq feet with a maximum of $1000.

Insulation Rebate Through SMUD

CEC Rebate Program

Bundled Upgrades

Many of the rebate offers for Sacramento, CA center on replacing or adding several energy efficient products at one time. If you are looking to receive the largest rebate amounts, this might be the best route to take. SMUD, PG&E, and CEC all offer great incentives for upgrading 3 or more parts of your home. They can include windows, insulation, ducts, furnaces, air conditioning, and appliances. SMUD offers an additional rebate of $300 when you do five or more upgrades to your home at a time. The California Energy Commission offers up to $6500 in rebates on energy efficient upgrades to a single family home when you do three or more.

SMUD’s Home Performance Program

CEC Rebate Program

If you are looking to make other home improvements and would like more information on incentives and rebate programs for additional parts of the home, is a fantastic resource. As you can see there are many rebate programs to take advantage of that can save serious money on home improvements when you use energy efficient products. Placer Exteriors can help with the installation of many of these ENERGY STAR products, and get you started saving money each month on your energy bill.