Some home improvements can be expensive, and end up being put off. However, with the help of some of these great agencies and the City of Roseville, you can get the necessary upgrades your home needs, and not break the bank. While rebates don't help with the initial cost, they will reduce the total cost at the very end. So before you start hunting for those new products consider their energy efficiency to take advantage of some of these beautiful programs.

Air Conditioning

Replacing an air conditioner can be a costly task. As an integral part of the home's HVAC system, most homeowners can't live without an operational air conditioner, especially during the summer months. Thankfully some programs can reduce the cost burden of installing a new unit. Keep in mind to receive these high rebates you must install an energy efficient air conditioner to qualify. There are two different rebates available to cut the cost of a new energy-efficient air conditioning installation. The first discount is through the City of Roseville. The amount you can get depends on which unit you buy. They have a three-tier savings up to $850. The second rebate is through the SMUD Home Efficiency Program has a savings of up to $650 on approved air conditioning systems.

City of Roseville Air Conditioning Rebate Program

The SMUD Home Efficiency Program HVAC rebate program

Energy Efficient Window Replacements

Replacing old windows with new energy-efficient ones can save you big time on your monthly energy bills. One important factor when shopping for new windows is if they have a Low-E coating. It can dramatically help to reduce heat gains. The easiest way to buy for windows is to check for the ENERGY STAR label. There is a great rebate offer through Roseville Electric Utility to help with the cost of replacement. Roseville Electric Utility offers a rebate for $5 per square foot. There is a maximum per household of a $1000, but that can go a long way in recouping the cost of new windows. To enjoy a rebate, the new windows must have a U-Value of 0.30 or less and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .25 or less. After you purchase the windows, you have to show documentation of size, proof of purchase, and the ENERGY STAR label. The rebate is well worth it to have new windows and save every month.

City of Roseville Window Replacement Rebate Program

Sunscreen Rebate

To better reduce heat from getting into the home, many homeowners opt for the installation of sunscreens. Sunscreens are a great addition to energy efficient windows or even older windows to filter out the sun's harmful rays. If you are looking to make this addition to your home, there is a rebate program offered through the City of Roseville to reduce the total cost of installation. They will pay $1.00 per square foot of sunscreen on a residence that receives power from Roseville Electric. There are a few qualifications that a homeowner must meet such as the sunscreen must have SHGC of 0.35 or less. More information can be found on this excellent rebate program

Energy Home Upgrade Rebates

Now through Energy Upgrade California, you can save up to a tremendous $4,500. The difference with this rebate program is that Energy Upgrade California focuses on a whole-home energy efficiency. To qualify for this rebate, you must do a few upgrades to your home. However, the program covers many of the enhancements that are typically done together anyway. Some of the upgrades that are listed include duct sealing and replacement, whole building air sealing, attic insulation, wall insulation, floor insulation, furnace, AC, gas storage water heater, and energy-efficient windows. You must do at least three services to qualify for the rebate. The good news is often this rebate can cover almost 15% of the total cost of a project.

There are many ways to save significant time on the cost of upgrading your home when you choose energy-efficient products. Is saving money is essential, you'll be glad you decided to use ENERGY STAR products for the monthly savings as well as the rebates you can take advantage of today.