With every rebate program, some restrictions will apply, and some qualifications must be met. Before you start your remodel project or new construction consider checking out some of these fantastic rebates available, and remember to look for energy efficient materials.

Home Improvement Rebates

Are you looking to improve your home or make some changes? The California Energy Commission offers savings up to $6,500 on home energy improvements that utilize energy efficient materials and appliances. This particular program includes windows and doors and a few others. A certified contractor must be used to qualify. This specific program is a great way to get products you will love, and at the same time save you money.

Save Big time on New Energy Efficient Windows

Sacramento Municipal Utility District offers a program for up to $1000 in available rebate savings. It is a great incentive to replace those worn out windows with energy efficient ones. Some limitations apply to this rebate, such as the power efficient window(s) must have a U-factor of 0.30 and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of at least 0.25.So before you buy new windows check the label and compare, because you could save throughout the year and get a significant rebate check in the mail.

Water Heater

Through the Pacific Gas & Electric, you can qualify for a $300 rebate on heat pump water heater. The water heater must carry the Energy Star label to qualify. So when you are searching for a new water heater, it is a great idea to look for the name and the energy factor of 2.0 or higher. The only other limitation to this fantastic rebate is the address where installation occurs must have an account with Pacific Gas & Electric. It's just that easy to pocket savings on a new water heater.


The HVAC is one of the more critical systems of your home. It is what keeps you fresh and warm. When you need to replace any part of the system, it might be tempting to do it cheaply. However, there is a great program offered by the Pacific Gas & Electric that can offset some of the cost. By using energy-efficient products, you could qualify for up $4.500. The products that are covered under this rebate program can include air conditioning, insulation, water, and heating products. Any single-family homeowner that resides in Rocklin, CA can use this to make significant upgrades to their HVAC or replace older nonworking units. Be sure that you are using energy-efficient products.

These are just a few of the rebate programs available to residents of Rocklin, CA. If you are planning to do upgrades to your home or have a new construction project and would like to save money, the rebates can undoubtedly help. Not only will you be saving on the initial cost of installation, but you will also be collecting year round with new energy-efficient models.