While some upgrades can be expensive, there are rebate programs available to residents of Rancho Cordova, CA that can make up for some of the cost. It is important to research products and rebate programs before getting started with a project. With some of the programs, there is the potential to save almost 15% of a project's total cost. While rebates don't help with the initial value, homeowners can feel better than after submitting a rebate they will receive large amounts of money back. Below are some of the more common upgrades that are made to increase a home's energy efficiency. Included are also some of the great programs to take advantage of for additional savings.

HVAC Replacement

Replacing any portion of the HVAC in the home can be an expensive adventure. Air Conditioners and Heaters, however, play a pivotal role in keeping a house fresh and warm. When an older unit is installed, you might not be getting the maximum amount of energy saving you can. In turn, it will increase the cost of your monthly heating and cooling bill. To help save money installing an energy efficient unit is a fantastic choice. For many of the rebate options for HVAC home upgrades, homeowners must install ENERGY STAR products to meet the requirements. While it might be an expensive project, SMUD offers a $1000 rebate on HVAC upgrades, and Pacific Gas and Electric offers up to $4500. You must reside in the service area to receive the discounts.

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SMUD HVAC Replacement Rebate

PG &E rebates

Heat Pump Water Heater

Replacing a water heater with an energy efficient unit is an ideal choice. Think of how often you use hot water in the home. With an appliance that works that hard and so usually it potentially could use lots of energy. Instead of using that old water heater, replacing with an ENERGY STAR product can reduce your utility bill significantly. Homeowners looking to replace a heat pump water heater are in luck. Out of all the upgrades, you can make to your home; there are several rebates to take advantage. These discounts can significantly reduce the total cost of the product and installation. Some of the rebates for heat pumps include:

  • $1000 Rebate From SMUD
  • $300 Rebate From PG&E
  • $125 Rebate on a Gas Water Heater that is Energy Star from PG&E
  • $500 Rebate From SMUD

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

PG &E rebates

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Attic and Wall Insulation

Attic and Wall insulation help by keeping temperatures in the home consistent. Insulation also helps to reduce heat gain or loss. SMUD offers some fantastic rebate incentives for those looking to install attic or wall insulation to help reduce their energy costs each month. Smud's rebate programs include:

  • $2000 Attic Insulation From SMUD
  • $1000 Wall Insulation From SMUD

SMUD Rebate Page

Solar Rebates

As becoming green is more relevant nowadays, it's no wonder that there are some solar rebate options available to reduce energy costs in homes. Solar upgrades can knock down your energy consumption by over 60% sometimes more. If you are looking for ideas to get your energy bill down to almost nothing, these home improvements are the way to go. Some of the rebates you can apply for can include:

  • $1500 Solar Water Heater Rebate From SMUD
  • Up to $4366 From CEC for Solar Water Heater Thermal Initiative
  • $500 Rebate from SMUD for Solar Electricity

SMUD Rebates

CEC Rebates and Incentives Program


For Rancho Cordova, CA residents there are two great rebate programs to take advantage of for window replacement. The qualifications must meet specific standards, one of which usually is that the window is ENERGY STAR approved. The CEC and PG&E both specify that the U-Value must be 0.30 or less and the SHGC must be under 0.25. Some of the rebate programs require that you do multiple energy efficient upgrades to your home, such as the rebate offered through the CEC. Window replacement is one of the best ways to insulate your home and become more energy efficient. The two energy efficient window replacement rebate programs include:

  • Up to $6500 From CEC for Home Energy Improvements
  • Up to $4500 From PG&E for Home Upgrades

PG &E rebates

CEC Home Energy Upgrade Program

All of these home upgrades can be at a reduced cost by using the rebate programs available. Whenever you are having difficulty getting the money to do particular upgrades, there are many more financing programs available to get moving forward on projects.