There is one catch, most rebates offered to residents, would require the upgrades to be done with energy-efficient products. While some of these might cost a little more upfront, energy-efficient products can save a lot on monthly energy bills. Thus, making them the best option for an upgrade and will pay for themselves over time. Below are some popular upgrades homeowners do to their home, and some terrific rebate programs to take advantage:

Air Conditioning

As a vital part of a home's HVAC system, the air conditioning system is necessary for cooling the home. Some homes are equipped with central AC, and others use window units. No matter which you use there is an option for saving money with rebate programs offered by SMUD. To qualify for the programs provided by SMUD, you must install an ENERGY STAR labeled product. One rebate is through the SMUD Home Efficiency Program and has a savings of up to $1000 on approved air conditioning systems. The second discount for a window ac unit is also through SMUD and is for $25.00.

The SMUD Home Efficiency Program HVAC rebate program and Window AC Rebate

Energy Efficient Window Replacements

Older windows do nothing for a home's energy efficiency. They can produce drafts. Drafts essentially are leaks, that allow for air to escape the home. Often when a homeowner shops for windows they focus on both aesthetics and energy saving abilities. There are many energy efficient models on the market today to satisfy anyone's aesthetic needs. When shopping for windows, look for the ENERGY STAR label to make selecting new windows easier. To further add to the benefits of saving money on energy bills and reduce the total cost of the window upgrade take advantage of fantastic rebates from SMUD. The maximum per household is $1000, but this goes a long way in the cost of new window installation. SMUD will pay $5.00 per 25 square foot of window with valid proof of purchase and evidence of energy efficiency. Windows need to have a U-value of 0.30 or less and an SHGC of 0.25 or less. If you are planning to make your home more energy efficient, you can start by replacing your windows.

Window Replacement Rebate through SMUD

Sunscreen Installation Rebate

By installing a sunscreen to a home, you can reduce energy cost by about half. It is a significant saving when it comes to an energy bill. When you pair a sunscreen with energy efficient windows you not only will reduce heat gains, but also keep damaging UV rays out of the home. The City of Roseville offers a rebate program that will pay $1.00 per square foot of sunscreen if it is Roseville Electric subscriber. There are only a few qualifications that the sunscreen must meet including having an SHGC of 0.35 or less. If you want to add the benefit of a sunscreen to your home the City of Roseville's rebate program can help reduce the cost significantly.

City of Roseville Sunscreen Rebate

Energy Home Upgrade Rebates

If you are looking to do a more extensive project and plan to include three more upgrades, there is an excellent program from Energy Upgrade California. They offer up to 4,500 when you do 3 or more of the services they have listed. It can include duct sealing and replacement, AC units, gas storage water heaters, energy efficient windows, and floor insulation. One of the fantastic parts of using this incentive program is that it can reduce the total cost of a project by about 15%. Many of the requirements on products are that they must be ENERGY STAR labeled. You can feel good knowing your upgraded home features will reduce your energy bill each month and get you a pretty sweet deal when it comes to a rebate program.

Energy Upgrade California

As you can see, there are many rebate programs to take advantage of when you live in Lincoln, CA. These rebate programs can drastically reduce the cost of any home project you plan to do. Make sure before purchasing products that they are energy efficient and compare the labels. It will lower your costs monthly, which is excellent for anyone looking to save money.