If you are looking for rebates for your next project, it is essential to keep in mind that energy efficient products will save you lots of money. Homeowners can reap the benefits of saving all year on their energy cost plus sometimes recoup up to 15% of their project cost depending on the improvement and what rebate program is used. Sacramento Municipal Utility District is one of the best resources for finding rebates for upgrading your home to a more energy efficient residence. Below are some of the most general upgrades and repairs that homeowners typically do, and included are some fantastic rebate programs to take advantage.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning is super essential for Citrus Heights, CA residents. If you are running an older unit, it is probably increasing your cooling bill quite a bit. If it is time for an upgrade, consider using an energy-efficient ENERGY STAR qualified item. It can save you hundreds of dollars in cooling cost. There are two different options for homeowners for rebates or financing on a new AC. If you run a wall unit, you can save $25.00 by using the SMUD rebate. The unit must be ENERGY STAR version 4.0 model, and it is only available on select models. Check before purchasing that the AC meets the qualifications. The HERO program can help to finance a new energy efficient central air conditioning unit. There are some restrictions with this, and it isn't technically a rebate. However, it can help those get a new air conditioning if funds aren't available currently to get one.

SMUD AC Window Unit Rebate

HERO Program

Water Heater

If you reside in the Sacramento service area, then you are in luck. SMUD offers a great rebate program on water heater pumps. Water heaters can be one of the most expensive replacements a homeowner can do, but thankfully it doesn't have to be. With the SMUD rebate, you can get back nearly $500. The unit must be ENERGY STAR qualified to receive the discount. Not only will you save big time each month on your utility bill but you can feel good knowing that a rebate check is in the mail.

SMUD Water Heater Rebate Program


As one of the most commonly replaced features in a home, new energy efficient windows can make a huge difference in your energy consumption. New windows can help by being better insulated and have a Low-E coating that is designed to reduce heat gains. There are many different styles on the market, and many of them carry the ENERGY STAR approved logo. Brands like Pella and Jeld Wen make some beautiful energy efficient window options. There is a rebate program offered through SMUD to save on your next window replacement. The windows must reach specific criteria such as a U-Factor of .30 or less and an SHGC of .25 or less. If more than one project is on the books, you might qualify for the California Energy Commission Rebate that can give back up to $6500 in rebate money. However, you must do at least 3 of their energy efficient upgrades to qualify.

Placer Exteriors can assist homeowners with the installation of new energy-efficient windows to start saving money quickly on a home's energy cost.

SMUD Window Rebate Program

CEC Program

Cool Roofs

The roof is one of the most extensive surfaces of your home. It takes on much of the direct light from the sun. It plays a vital role in insulating your home and allowing heat to escape. Cool roofs are a great way to protect your home better. A new roof is also one of the most expensive replacements you can make to your home. Thankfully there is a significant rebate program offered through SMUD for the installation of a new Cool Roof. You can save up to 0.30 cents a square foot on a new roof while reducing your energy costs monthly.

Cool Roof Rebate Through SMUD


Attic and Wall insulation can help out a lot to save money on an energy bill. Insulation, while can save you money, is also expensive to install. There aren't too many rebate programs out there for insulation, but there is one that can help. SMUD offers a rebate of up to $2000 on attic insulation and up to $1000 on wall insulation. The amount you receive is determined by the material used and the R-factor it has. So be sure to check you are using the best energy efficient materials in your project to take benefit of the enormous savings offered by SMUD

SMUD Home Energy Upgrade Rebate Program

Larger Projects

If you are looking to do more than one project around your homes like windows, insulation, or installation of a water heater, there is a great program available that can help individuals save a ton on their project. California Energy Commision offers a rebate of up to $6,500 for a water heater, wall insulation, windows. All of these must be energy efficient. Must use a participating contractor, https://www.energyupgradeca.org/home-energy-efficiency/rebates-incentives/ - California Energy Commission's Upgrade California Home Upgrade Program

With so many cost-saving programs out there, saving money on your next big project will be a breeze. It is essential to keep in mind the products you select for the upgrades, always making sure they are ENERGY STAR approved or are energy efficient to meet the requirements of the rebate program. Take advantage today of the remarkable savings available and get started with your new project.