When you are considering having new features to a home installed such as windows, or replacing the air conditioning there might be other savings that can help to lower the cost of replacement. Rebates are an excellent way for homeowners to reduce the total cost, and take advantage of a lower monthly energy bill.

The residents of Auburn CA have many great rebates they can take advantage of. Many of the utility companies in the area offer incentives and rebates when upgrading your home to energy efficient products, and the savings can be enormous.

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District, or SMUD, is possibly one of the best resources for obtaining rebates in Auburn, CA. However, it is entirely dependent on what utility district you live in, as to which rebate program you would qualify for such case. The common theme to be eligible for these rebate programs is that the products must be energy efficient, and use ENERGY STAR products. Below are some of the upgrades a homeowner can make, and some fantastic rebate programs offered.

Multiple Home Upgrades

The more upgrades you do, the more you can get back to rebate money. It is a great way to makeover a home and feels better about not spending as much when everything's said and done. There are many rebate programs out there for Auburn CA that come from SMUD, PG&E, and CEC that will give significant amounts back through their rebate programs when you do 3 or more upgrades.

Qualifying rebate items can include windows, insulation, ducts, furnaces, air conditioning, and appliances. The California Energy Commission offers a massive rebate of up to $6500 when you do five or more upgrades. SMUD also rewards homeowner for doing three or more upgrades with a $300 bonus.

SMUD's Home Performance Program

CEC Rebate Program

Air Conditioning

A homes air conditioning is one of the most important features when it comes to being comfortable in the home, especially on a hot summer day. Air conditioners are also one of the most significant contributors to a higher energy bill. If you are considering making an upgrade in your home to save on your utility bill, a new ENERGY STAR approved air conditioning can make a huge difference. Through SMUD's rebate program you can save up to $650 in rebates on a new energy efficient unit.

When it comes to a room air conditioner, you can save $25.00 on an ENERGY STAR labelled product that is a 4.0 model. SMUD offers this rebate program to all residents that are in their service area.

If you sign up for PG&E's Smart AC program, you'll receive a $50 rebate just for participating. The device itself and installation are free. The Smart AC device is connected to your home's air conditioning unit. When there is an energy shortage, the smart device will lower how much energy your AC is using. If this doesn't seem like an appealing concept, no worries, you can still adjust your AC to your liking at any time.

SMUD Rebate for Room Air Conditioner

SMUD AC Rebate

PG&E Smart AC Rebate

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps

Ductless Mini Splits are a relatively new way to cool and heat the home. If your home doesn't feature central heating and cooling but still want an affordable way to heat and cool your home, this is a perfect solution. By choosing an energy efficient unit, you can also save on the initial cost. SMUD offers up to $800 in rebates for the installation of an ENERGY STAR ductless mini-split. The unit must meet specific standards as well, including a minimum SEER of 15.0.

SMUD's Appliance Rebate Program


Windows can be one of the best upgrades to a home. They enhance the overall appearance and can help to insulate the whole house better. When you are deciding on new windows, it is essential to choose those that are ENERGY STAR approved. It can save you a great time when applying for rebate programs. Currently there is one rebate through SMUD that can help lower the total cost of window replacement. SMUD will rebate $75.00 for every 25 square foot of upgraded window area. Windows that are used in the home upgrade must be an ENERGY STAR product and have specific U-factor and SHGC values. The U-factor must be less than 0.30, and the SHGC must be less than 0.25.

SMUD Window Replacement Rebate

Wall and Attic Insulation

Wall and Attic Insulation is one of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient. It helps to create a moisture barrier and allows for the best insulation, so heat and fresh air won't escape. When considering this upgrade or for a new construction there are two nice rebate programs available. One is through SMUD; it's called Home Performance Program. To get this rebate you will have to do three total upgrades, but the savings is entirely worth it. Through the SMUD program attic insulation can be rebated $100 per 100 sq. ft. up to $2000 max, and wall insulation will be rebated $50 for every 100 sq. feet with a maximum of $1000.

Insulation Rebate through SMUD

CEC Rebate Program

An excellent website homeowners should take a look at is https://app.wattzon.com/rebates/zip/95603. There are many other rebates out there for Auburn, CA that include appliances and other materials that are commonly used to upgrade the home.

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