While projects can be quite expensive, upgrading your home can come with a few perks. While you will save monthly on the energy bill, you can also apply for specific rebates when you install these energy efficient products. Some of the rebate programs can even reduce a project's cost by a massive 15%.

One way to ensure the products selected for a home improvement project are energy efficient is to look for the ENERGY STAR label. It has made shopping for energy efficient appliances and home materials much simpler. Below are some standard household upgrades that can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower the monthly energy bill. There are many rebate programs to take advantage of in Antelope, CA that can help with the cost of upgrades to your home.


Central Heating and Air Conditioning are very important in keeping a home fresh and warm. Older units that are installed probably aren't energy efficient, and it is reflected in the cost of running them. Homeowners can save a bundle on upgrading any or all components of the HVAC in their home. There are rebates available to Antelope, CA residents through SMUD. SMUD offers up to $650 in rebates when you purchase an energy efficient unit in your home. Products must be ENERGY STAR approved to qualify.


Water Heaters

Water heaters can be one of the most frequently used items in the home. Making an upgrade to an energy efficient unit can significantly reduce the cost of energy bills. SMUD offers a few different rebate options to homeowners. They have a conversion rebate available to switch from gas to electric that can save up $1500. Their other discount for upgrading to an energy efficient electric water heater is up to $1000. These cost saving rebates can significantly reduce the total cost of a new water heater.

SMUD Water Heater Rebates

Window Replacement

Replacing old windows is a great way to insulate your home better. Energy efficient windows reduce total energy consumption by reducing heat gains and losses. There are many models on the market today that are labeled with the ENERGY STAR label. This label lets consumers know that the products they are purchasing meet EPA standards for being energy efficient. Pella, Marvin, and Jeld Wen all make amazing looking windows that qualify under many of the rebate programs out there. SMUD offers up to $1000 in window replacements and is based on the square footage of the windows. Applicants for this rebate will receive 75 dollars per 25 square foot of window. When applying for this rebate, you must have documentation on the type of window, energy efficiency rating, and proof of purchase.

SMUD Window Replacement Rebate


SMUD's Home Performance Program

If you are looking to make a few upgrades to your home, SMUD offers a broader variety of covered items that are included in their Home Performance Program. Some of the additional items included in this program appliances, duct insulation, smart thermostat, wall insulation and attic insulation. SMUD also offers a $300 bonus when you do five or more upgrades.

Home Performance Program

Antelope, CA has a few rebate options available for upgrading a home to a more energy efficient one. While they don't have many listed, depending on the electric company used, there are potential savings through Pacific Gas and Electric. PG&E has fantastic home improvement rebates available to homeowners that upgrade more than one feature to their home. The California Energy Commision also has resources for home upgrades.