Understanding Energy Efficiency in Windows

When it comes to energy efficiency windows it is important to understand how they work, their benefits to you, what to look for.

The benefits of energy efficient windows

  • Q: How do energy efficient windows benefit your budget? A: Energy efficient windows will lower utility bills which are good for your pocket book by keeping cold and heat from coming in through the windows.
  • Q: Can energy efficient windows help with being healthier? A: Since there will be less air flow infiltrating from outside to inside you will likely have fewer colds and allergy problems.

A look at how energy efficient windows work

  •  Q: How do I know what U-factor I should look for in windows? A: The National Fenestration Rating Council can help you understand the U-factor; and what it is based on. Energy Star can help you with basing the U-factor along with your climate to know what will work best for you.
  • Q: Which type of window is a better window single pane, double pane, or triple pane? A: The double pane is better than a single pane, the newest in these are the triple pane, however; the triple pane unless it is in fiberglass is extremely heavy.
  • Q: What type of hang should I have for the best energy efficiency? A: The best for energy efficiency when it comes to how the window is hung would be an awning or hopper style in which the window presses into the frame in order to close making it a tighter fit than just sashes that slide.
  • Q: What are thermal pane windows? A: Thermal windows have 2 or 3 panes of glass that have argon gas in between the panes which stop the heat leaking out the window during winter or the cold out during summer. Another gas that can be used is Krypton which is heavier than argon.
  • Q: Is the window pane the only thing that should be energy efficient when it comes to windows? A: No, your window casement should also be energy efficient; this means the casement needs to be insulated with wrap and rigid foam board insulation, just like under your siding. This will keep air from coming in around the casement. It will also cut down on conduction of heat when it comes to the window frame.

What to look for in energy efficient windows

  • Q: What should you look for in energy efficient windows? A: There are a few things to look for; the U-factor, the R-rating, SHGC, VT, and Air Flow. You also should be looking for Energy Star label. All these ratings together will let you know if you are getting the correct energy efficient window for you.
  • Q: Besides energy ratings what else should be considered when choosing energy efficient windows? A: Besides the window ratings, you need to consider the way the windows are hung and the medium the window is made from. An example would be a window that presses into the frame when it closes will be more air tight than one that does not.

What are the top energy efficient windows on the market?

There are a few top brands in the market of energy efficient windows on the market today.

These brands are;

  • Andersen® Windows provide packages that meet tax credits for energy star products that will give you 70% more energy efficiency in warm weather and 45% more energy efficiency in cold weather as opposed to the old single pane windows.
  • Milgard® Windows has a new package that totally addresses three key areas;   frame, design and glazing by corresponding with the climate of the area in which they will be installed.
  • JELD-WEN® Windows offers their LoE3-366 glass with insulating argon gas in order to lower energy costs by helping to keep homes colder in the warm months and cozier in the cold months. They also deflect direct sunlight which helps reduce the bleaching of interior furnishings and prevents condensation.

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