Storm Doors for Improving Energy Efficiency

Having your home be energy efficient is a great way to reduce a homeowner’s monthly bill on electric and gas. The question becomes what home improvements or additions you can make to achieve the energy saving goal. A consideration many homeowners come across is if they should add or replace a storm door. The purpose of a storm door is to create more of a seal, drastically reduce drafts, and stop animals or pests from entering the home.

Before you can assess whether a storm door would be beneficial for your home, you must consider what it is protecting. A high energy-saving storm door is only as good as what it is in front of.

How well are your door’s sealing?

Typically homes are outfitted with a front door and a back door. The back door often will be a patio door. Patio doors have many different varieties including sliding glass doors and French doors. These usually don’t have storm doors affixed to them. At most, they are typically equipped with a screen door. Screen doors are a wooden frame with a screen that doesn’t offer much protection and only has a few components. Whereas on front doors you will find the use of a storm door.

When we talk about how well your doors seal, it will include the sides of the door and how they meet the frame. If your entries have gaps in them, you will be allowing the outside conditions to make their way into your home. It means that in the winter, the cold air will be getting in while you’re valuable heat is escaping. In the summer your air conditioned air will sneak out, and the hot, humid air will find a way in. So before you can figure out if a storm door will be able to assist with energy cost, you will need to figure out if your more massive door is doing its job. It is true though that a storm door will be able to stop some of the elements from getting in; it works best with a properly aligned door that has a good seal. Some entries are outfitted with a vinyl seal at the top and bottom to help with the cracks that allow a door to open and close. If you notice gaps when your doors close, you will need to tend to this first.

Types of Storm Doors

Now that you have figured out if your main door is hung correctly and no large gaps are present, you can decide if a storm door will benefit your home’s energy cost. It means exploring the different types of storm doors that are on the market. They are not all created equal. Let’s focus on which storm doors have the potential for cutting energy cost. One way to shop for a new door is if it is labeled with the energy star symbol. It usually makes it easier to find items that will fit your needs. The best storm door you can buy is an insulating full glass dual pane door. These offer the most benefits and are easily installed. By avoiding storm doors that have a majority of the door filled with a screen, you can assure that you are blocking the outdoor elements.

Can a Storm Door improve energy efficiency?

Storm doors can help to reduce some of your cost, but not as much as other upgrades you could make to your home. New appliances that are energy efficient have been shown to reduce a homeowner’s expense more considerable than the addition of a storm door. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t help. They can offer some protection from heat and air escaping. A storm door will give your home an extra layer of protection and insulation, and that is not a bad thing to have. Anything you can do to keep the elements out of your home will help in being energy efficient. If you are looking to have a storm door installed, try to give Placer Exteriors a call at 916-823-8535.

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