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Placer Exteriors now offers Soffit and Fascia repair in Sacramento and Placer County. If you have any of problems with Soffit or Fascia of your roof call Placer Exteriors at 916-823-8535 for a quote.

The roof is one of the basic features of a home. It is the first line of defense against the weather and keeps occupants safe. That is why it is important to recognize signs of damage to your roof. What are the Soffit and the Fascia of your roof, and what role do they play? Knowing what these are and what problems can occur that will help to understand the pivotal role they play in a homeowner’s roof.

What is the Fascia?

The Fascia is a wooden board that finishes off the roof line. The fascia is connected to to the trusses or ends of the rafters. If a home is equipped with gutters, they are secured to the fascia. While it doesn’t seem like this is a significant portion of the roof, it does play an active role in protecting the roof from moisture. They are not only functional, but it is the finishing part of your roofline and is meant to look nice.

What is the Soffit?

The Soffit is the underside surface of an overhang of the roof eave. The soffit is exposed and can be seen. It can usually be constructed of vinyl, but in some cases, the soffit can be made of wood. The same potential risk for wear applies to the soffit just like the fascia. The primary function of the soffit is to ventilate the attic space. Ventilation is vital to allow heat to escape and for moisture not to collect.

What Problems Can Occur With Both?

Weather is the number one contributing cause of problems with the soffit and fascia. However, damaged gutters, ice dams, and improper flashing can all play a significant role as to why the soffit and fascia can be destroyed. Since the Fascia is comprised of wood, it is susceptible to wood rot. Any form of rot will only get worse. Wood rotting is not a self-contained incident. Wood rot to the roofline is similar to rust on vehicles, they both spread. The common cause for the rotting to happen is from gutters that are leaking. Over time the water will swell the wood, and make it brittle. Once the wood is at this point, it will start breaking down. It is why it is so important to fix any rot that appears. The other downside to having rot develop is that it creates a large opening for moisture to enter.

The Soffit can develop holes or even become cracked. If holes or cracks occur, it puts the entire roof at risk. Because moisture can run rampant, it quite literally will destroy the roof from underneath if left untreated. Unlike the fascia, the soffit can also be damaged by birds and other rodents in addition to damaged gutters and ice dams.

What Repairs are Done?

When dealing with repairs to the soffit or fascia, there are few options that might take place. Often the course of action is dictated by how severe the damage is. In the case of the fascia rotting, the wood will have to be replaced. It is not something that can be patched because as stated before the rot will just spread. So as soon as you notice a problem, it is time to replace. The best thing a homeowner can do is replace the wood with a better quality wood that is going to last longer. Another replacement part that might come into play is the drip edge. It is much more expensive but is necessary to help keep the fascia from added moisture. If there is damage to the drip edge, it will need to be replaced after the rotten wood has been restored.

Repairs to the soffit are often just replacement of broken parts. There isn’t much that can be done to save a cracked vinyl piece other than replacing it. To replace the soffit, the fascia will have to be removed, and the work is a little more involved.

To prevent damage to your home’s roof, cleaning your gutters can make a huge difference in the longevity of the fascia and soffit. It is advised that you clean the gutters twice a year. Clean gutters will allow for water to flow smoothly. It will also stop the collection of water next to the roof. Now that you understand what each of these essential features of your roof is you can inspect them for trouble areas. It is important to fix any holes or cracks quickly. Placer Exteriors now offers these repairs to their customers and encourages homeowners not to let these problems go unresolved.

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