Just How Good Are Andersen Replacement Windows?

Andersen has long been a household name regarding quality windows. Whether you are looking to build a home in whole or need to replace your home’s aging windows, you need to look no further than Anderson Windows. A new branch of a long-trusted company, Renewal by Andersen, has been around for over two decades and already comes with raving reviews.

Quality, Long-Lasting Windows

Renewal by Andersen has several designs of quality windows and doors. Such class has been on the market for more than a century, and the company offers fully customizable replacement solutions for every home. This new branch is no different from its mother company. Each product comes with a professional installation that homeowners can trust, beginning with a limited warranty.

With a free consultation, every home will meet a professional that will listen carefully to their needs and design ideas for their new windows and doors. As homeowners have for over a hundred years, this free home consultation means getting the best professional opinion. From energy-efficiency to customizable designs for the modern home, the client’s needs are always met when they work alongside the experts at Andersen Windows.

Of course, there are features shared by most – if not all – of the windows and doors provided and installed by Andersen Windows. They are friendly on the environment, have efficient energy-saving performance, and online product registration. There is also an extensive online brochure and store delivery provided.

Types of Windows

Renewal by Andersen provided some popular types of windows. These include sliding, awning, Jalousie, single-hung, picture, and bay windows, and others. If you only have the faintest idea of what sort of windows you need, Andersen offers customizable options, as there are a few types of windows that are not explicitly provided. The two kinds of windows not being offered by Renewal by Andersen are Garden and Hopper windows. However, as it is mentioned, there are customizable options which can be organized with the free home consultation.

Window Frames

Andersen Windows also provides a variety of materials in frames for their window designs. Of course, these are the primary materials that most provide: wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. The most inexpensive will be vinyl windows, which are also the most recent type. They stand up to most weather conditions and can come in a range of colors for any home design. However, they do not last as wood windows do. They are the most traditional aesthetically and can be painted and stained for customization. While they do require routine maintenance and are more expensive, they can last more than the life of your home.

Other window frame materials include aluminum and fiberglass. Aluminum windows are more durable than wood, and are easier to handle during installation as the material is light and thin. While aluminum windows tend to let out more heat and cold air, most aluminum windows are made with a vinyl or rubber strip in the area between the interior and exterior. Fiberglass windows, then, are one of the most modern window frame materials. They look similar to vinyl windows but are more rigid.


Energy-efficient windows, of course, are of great importance these days. More and more homeowners are concerned with not just their impact on the environment, but the adverse effect an ineffective window can have on their heating and cooling bills. What makes a window genuinely energy-efficient? Energy-efficient windows reduce energy costs by decreasing air leakage from home, and these are best for those on a tighter budget. They also help keep the house more comfortable: your family will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It is important to remember that energy-efficient windows, at first, do cost more. However, when you choose the best provider, this preferred type of window pays for itself in time. Andersen provides various kinds of these energy-saving exterior home appliances, such as thermal, double pane, and triple pane windows. These are Energy Star certified and follow all characteristics of this famous label. When you choose Andersen Windows, you will save money in the long-term by conserving deeply on your home’s power bill.

A Beautiful Home

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After a homeowner has their aging, worn windows with those provided by Renewal by Andersen, high quality and long-lasting, there are a few last perks. Each set of windows comes with a homeowner warranty, although limited, that allows for any slip-ups or mistakes to be taken care of right away. There more than 3 million Andersen windows installed nationwide, and the brand continues to be trusted by American homeowners year after year.

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