A Look at Anderson French Doors (And Alternatives)

There, of course, is more than one type of door for your home. Depending on your local environment, your home’s style, and your budget, there are various types of doors for your backyard or patio area. The aspect that most affects which type of entry you install will be the design of the room to which you are attaching the set of doors. The two most common are sliding and patio doors, which have key differences.

French Doors

There are various types of patio doors. One of the most popular is the French door. French patio doors are formal and often added to room additions built onto the home. French doors have swinging doors that come inward, and take up a lot of space in the room when opened. They are said to be a sophisticated choice, and it will add a soft, natural light to your home. The beauty and strength of patio doors will also add value to your home. French doors are a classic addition to many homes.

French sliding doors are most often used for decks and outdoor spaces. For those looking for a door solution that saves space, sliding doors are usually the best option as they still provide a hinged door with such benefits as those produced from French patio doors. Sliding doors encourage air flow into the home. While less formal, they give the house a more modern look that frees floor space for furniture and another décor. Some types of sliding doors are contemporary.

Alternatives to the French Door

Center swing patio doors are closely related to French doors, but only one entry opens with this option. They are less expensive than French doors, and are an excellent option for those who cannot afford French doors but would like some of their benefits and aesthetic. They are, for some homeowners, like a giant window in their home as they fold back against the wall to save space. Center swing doors also give homeowners control over traffic in and out of their home.

Accordion doors are also called bifold or concertina doors. Each panel, with a full sheet of glass, folds over the other and is a much more flexible option. While they provide the same ease of access, they do not take up near as much room as French doors. They do stay in place once folded, so they are safer for children who may pinch their fingers in a patio door. Commonly used for closets, they are great options for controlling traffic from the patio into the home. They are made from durable glass and vinyl seal, and this allows each panel to move smoothly, making it well for ease of use.

How much space you have in the room can help dictate your choice as much as the fact that sliding doors can never open completely. You will also look at the overall décor of your home, and this may help you choose whether sliding or patio doors are right for your family.

Anderson Doors

Renewal by Andersen offers three types of French doors. These are Hinged French Patio doors, Sliding French Patio doors, and Contemporary Sliding doors. They come in various interior colors, grille designs, and hardware to meet the style of your home.

Patio doors from Andersen all come with the same incredible features that reflect the high quality of all Andersen products. They give a climate-neutral performance, working against the elements in the toughest of environments. They have an energy-efficient design, stemming from premiere weather stripping and interlocking design features – keep the warm breath in and the bad air out.

Andersen’s sliding door also comes in a contemporary design. While it also comes in a variety of colors and grilles, it has a sleek, modern look with a door that is made of wood with a vinyl cladding for a low-maintenance feature. Unlike with wood doors, this contemporary sliding door does not require as much routine maintenance. It has both the strength of wood and the modern look of vinyl. If you need a natural sunlight, this is a great option.

Every Andersen product has a sturdy, robust design that is backed by a limited warranty. As well, like all Andersen products, a free home consultation is offered from one of Andersen’s professional installation experts. With this discussion, regardless of how much of an idea that you have about what you need, these experts will help along and give an accurate pricing model for your home’s new patio doors.

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